HXCP Pharma Insert and Outsert Production Line

HXCP Pharma Insert and Outsert Production Line is designed for the production of inserts, outserts, PI’s and miniature literature in the pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, food, agricultural and similar industries. It is available as a manual version, or as a highly automated time saving, labor reducing system. HXCP buckle folding machine with the capable of automatically setting the buckle plate and fold roller settings for up to 24 plates in the market. The final fold size requirements can range down to 1.12” x 1.12”. Outsert type products usually use an adhesive closure method, or a tab closure method, HXCP supply the optional machines for choosing. HXCP offers pharma insert and outsert production systems to produce products ranging from 12 to 350 panels. The HXCP buckle folding machine, along with modular knives and pressing units, come together to produce these highly specialized systems.

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