CP Gantry Pallet Folding Machine

CP High-speed Gantry Pallet Folding Machine is mainly used for medium to large circulations as well as for large formats. The sheets on the pallet to be folded are run into the feeder by means of a pallet truck directly from the printing press with no manual intervention. All in all, the gantry pallet feeder provides high production capacity – with shortest interruptions for feeding by pallets. More precisely, you can transport the entire printed pallet from the delivery of the printing press into the feeder of the folder. The physical strain for the operator is low even if large signature formats have to be processed. The operator can concentrate on the quality of the folded products and comfortably unload the products. To get the best performance of the folder you need the correct delivery as well to make it a one man operation.

Production Flow


Technology Parameter

Machine Parameter



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