HX80DH High Speed Three Knife Trimmer

HX80DH Three Knife Trimmer is the ideal trimmer, can be used as an individual machine, and also can be connected with high-speed perfect binding lines or as an upstream machine for high-speed book preparation lines (for example HX6000). It trims book blocks and brochures reliably and at high speed with a capacity of 4200 cuts per hour. HX80DH Three Knife Trimmer with the pre-stacking feeding enables multiple book cutting, to improve several times cutting speed. The direction of book feeding is optional (right or left), according to the installation requirements. The trimming order: 1st trimmer is front cut, 2nd trimmer is head/tail cut. The trimming products are picked up from the three-knife trimmer in a controlled manner by the output conveyor and deposited on a conveyor belt. Touch screen control, changeover automatically, side gauge, front gauge, side knife distance, output belt height, and jack seat height are adjusted by servo motor, stable, reliable, high precise. Easy to operate, and capable of delivering premium quality products over a very long service life.

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