Automatic High Speed Hardcover Book Production Line

HX Classic 680 Hardcover Book Production Line is the first high-speed hardcover book production line in China, with the intelligent human-machinery touch-screen control panel, book block is rounded in the rounding station with rollers, then the book block joint area is laterally backed in the backing station by backing jaws A forming iron gives the book spine its desired form and width. In the correction station, the book block is raised to throughfeed height and aligned to the back cut. Spine gluing with hot glue, gauzing, backlining and headbanding takes place during the timed transport. A rub down station (Teflon band) with an additionally integrated foam rubber rub-down element, adapted to the book radius, presses the backlining material onto the full surface of the block spine. For casing in, the book block is pushed onto the splitter sword and taken over by the transport wings of a paternoster system. Subsequently, joint and endsheet are glued on both book block sides. The glued book block is guided into the aligned book case by means of the transport wings. Book block and case are pressed together in the book clamp. Then the cased in book is conveyed from the paternoster to the delivery. With the optional hardcover book interleaving piler, hardcover book can be counted and interleaving stacking, then by the manipulator, palletizing the book stack automatically.

Production Flow

Technology Parameter

Machine Parameter


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